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WillyFourEyes played Yoshi's Island DS

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WillyFourEyes said...
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Man, these last few worlds are brutal. I think I shed two dozen lives between worlds 5-3 and 5-6. Nintendo should really take that away from future games, since extra lives come so easily in games like this.
Yoshi's Island DS

Yoshi's Island DS (DS)

Genre/Style: Action/Side-Scrolling Platform
Release Date: 15/NOV/06
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I stopped playing the game during a level with those bouncy penguins, where if you fall between the pipes you fall for a LOOOOONNNNG time. Do you know the one? I thought that was a mean Gimmick. I forget which world this level was in but it was so frustrating. Up until then it wasn't bad at all, actually really fun.
@Daena No, I'm not positive what level that was on. I'm just picking the game up after a long while so that I can put it to bed.
Despite it's charming kid-friendly graphics Yoshi's Island has always been a brutal game difficulty wise after a certain point, but still love them dammit.
I beat it back in the day on the snes. There was one boss that I was only ever able to beat once though... The big slug thing with the heart inside you have to whack. Beat it one time. Only save file that's ever made it past that island.
@ComradeRavenhawk I vaguely remember that boss! neat... I remember parts of it being quite hard but I passed the SNES version too.

Do you guys know the 2 player bonus challenge 'secret'? That was my favourite thing to do, you press buttons in a sequence and a new "file folder" tab pops up -- it has just the bonus challenges in it, like the one where you eat a watermelon and shoot the other player with pits! My sis and I could play these mini games vs each other for hours, but back then there weren't too many games that offered simultaneous multiplayer... which is odd because they had it in Chip N' Dales Rescue Rangers game, which was for NES I believe...
Mario 3 had a simultaneous multiplayer as well. But, yeah, that secret was fun, although I don't remember the buttons off the top of my head at the moment..
My favorite was the watermelon spitting. Cause the bandit is awesome.
@ComradeRavenhawk Yeah Mario 3 had Battle Mode, that was pretty cool :) Aside from that though, you couldn't do simultaneous multiplayer through the game levels in side scrollers until Mario Bros Wii... yet Chip n' Dale had that feature figured out so early. Am I forgetting any other side scrolling games that did this?
@Daena Side-scrolling platformers? Does Sonic the Hedgehog 2 count?
@WillyFourEyes it does ^_^ I forgot about that one!!! I used to play it at my friend's house once in a while, she had a Genesis :)

More recently before LittleBIGplanet and New Mario Bros Wii came around there weren't any of those made... Sonic 2 is still quite an old game, I must have been 10 or something when we played it. It's almost like that form of simultaneous side scrolling multiplayer was lost to a generation between the good ol' days of Sonic2/Chip'n'D and the newer LBP/MarioWii... at least as far as playing through story mode together.

I liked that Mario Wii brought back the ability to pick people up and throw them at enemies/to safety/down a hole, that was one of the more quirky things about the Chip n' Dale game. My sis and I were equally mean to each other while playing it, and it was good times indeed. I look forward to having her over to play the Mario Wii game ^_^ (we have a mutual understanding about playing this cutthroat-style, and we don't pester anyone else with this attitude don't worry. It made us laugh our arses off ^_^)
There were a few of them. Double Dragon and River City Ransom come to mind for me.

There was also Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Kirby Superstar.

But yeah, the idea of co-op play has been something too many games have lacked over the years.
I'm not too familiar with Double Dragon and River City Ransom... I'll look those up later :) Did those Kirby games have simultaneous multiplayer? The only Kirby game I've properly played through is Squeak Squad for the DS. I'll look at these all soon, thanks for pointing them out!

I'm glad they're finally making games that cater to this. Especially Mario, he's been wanting co-op play for a long time! (Again, I only refer to the side-scrollers. I've never really messed with 3d Mario games much so I can't speak for them.)
Hmm--yeah... simulatious Co-op has never really been around in the 3d Marios.

It was not in Mario's Time Machine (which had a "3d" Mode 7 style area), Super Mario RPG, Mario 64, Yoshi's Story (which unlike the Yoshi's Island games--was ridiculously easy), Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion or Mario Galaxy (AFAIK).

Though, the Mario Kart, Mario Tennis and Mario Party series have had simulatious play. As did Dr. Mario (which is actually kind of humourous to make off coloured jokes about causing Autism XD (generally making fun of both sides of the debate on medication causing mental illnesses here)).

IIRC, the Metal Slug and Contra games also allowed for Coop Play. As did Bubble Bobble.

And yes, Kirby Superstar and Kirby's Dreamland 3 had a helper system, that allowed for player 2 to play as the Helper. In Kirby's Dreamland 3 it was even a specific character (Gooey).

Oh right--then we also had TMNT2 and TMNT3 which both allowed simulatious cooperative play. As did many of the games based on the Simpsons.

I admit, I feel let down that they only Megaman games to feature Coop mode, was The Power Fighters. I mean, if Megaman 10 were to have a coop mode, it would sell it in a heart beat.

I mean, another game, that I would _love_ to see a coop mode, is the Star Fox series. That could allow for many very interesting options.

Then, of course LoZ has Four Swords(GBA) and Four Swords Adventure (Gamecube).

Pokemon, in some Gen 3 and some Gen 4 games also have a coop mode at some points (usually at something like the Battle Tower, Battle Frontier, Pokeblocks Mixing and Puffin Making)
OMG Turtles in Time! I overlooked another old fave XD

Battle Tower is always fun, Poffins not so much for me. It's definitely a cute minigame though so I'm glad it's in there.
Star Fox and Mega man co op game could be incredible. Mario Kart has always been a favourite.
...and I approve of the Dr Mario joke;) this reminds me that Puyo Pop Fever is one I need to get my hands on. it's so colourful ^_^
IIRC, Starfox 2 was suppose to have coop play.

You'd think with Starfox being noted as Miyamoto's favourite series (I am not certain how much sarcasm is present) they'd try the coop mode.
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